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Are transportation management systems all shippers need to succeed?

using transportation softwareManaging a multifaceted supply chain requires precision, efficiency and a solid grasp on all the moving parts. It’s also the backbone for many business that sell and deliver products. Without a healthy supply chain, the business fails. In order to keep the supply chain moving well, every facet of it needs to be meticulously managed, which is why business have turned to transportation management systems (TMS) for help. Although transportation software has become somewhat of a standard in the logistics industry, it’s not the “end-all” solution for supply chain management.

Going Beyond Management

If simple management was the only component to running a supply chain, anyone could step up and do it. The most well-managed supply chains are tactical marvels. They are precisely planned to not only move freight from point A to B, they are designed and managed to be fast, flexible to changing conditions and most importantly, efficient.

Efficiency drives the supply chain. It is what keeps freight moving quickly, costs low and businesses successful. While a quality TMS can help you accomplish this, proper supply chain management becomes more about the person using it. Even an unlicensed CDL driver can get behind the wheel of a truck, but there is so much more to hauling freight than turning on the engine and hitting the gas.

Seeking Help

It is for these reasons that many business seek the help of third-party logistics partners to help them with their supply chain management. Even if you have well-implemented TMS, it takes experience and intuition to operate it. While it’s possible to train leadership teams to take on this task, the process can be time-consuming. Even with employees who know how to properly use TMS, the problem of optimization still persists.

Working Towards True Optimization

Optimization can be achieved using many means, but every route begins from the same source: data. When you analyze your shipping data, it opens up worlds of possibilities. While standard TMS systems have methods of collecting data, they lack the essential presentation and customized reporting that shippers need. Their greatest strength lies in their name: management. Their greatest shortcoming lies in their inability to lay out customizable reporting data on a single dashboard that makes it easy for shippers to analyze.

This is the MyGameChanger® difference. It provides you with game-changing visibility, allowing you to take control of your data and use it to optimize your supply chain. It’s not a TMS, but an enhancement that works alongside your existing transportation software, allowing you to truly get the most out of your investment. It’s easy to use and free to start. Just contact our team today for a free 60-day trial.