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It’s not just a clever name. MyGameChanger® was specially designed by industry professionals to fundamentally change your approach to shipping. Its capabilities simplify the complexities of traditional transportation management software (TMS), combining data analytics, rate management and so much more into one neat little package. It’s an analytics tool for logistics KPIs, a freight auditing software for shipping audits and a centralized dashboard for your transportation data, all of which provide you with a more streamlined transportation management solution.

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MyGameChanger® Features

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Advanced business intelligence

Go beyond moving freight from point A to point B. The data collected by MyGameChanger® creates actionable intelligence that helps you reduce costs while fulfilling orders with speed, accuracy and efficiency. See your shipping KPIs and data in new ways with our unique logistics dashboard, giving you complete visibility across your entire organization.


Easy freight auditing

Effortless freight auditing features from one centralized dashboard. MyGameChanger® enables you to audit invoices and contracted carriers from a single location. Conduct freight audits and ongoing investigations, make continuous improvements and validate invoice charges as compared to carrier contract rates. MyGameChanger® gives you the tools to help you catch errors, recover costs and streamline your shipping operations.

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Central rate management

As carrier rates, fuel prices and accessorial costs change, so can your shipping decisions. MyGameChanger® allows you to monitor, store and compare pricing details across your carriers, all from a single platform. It’s transportation software that provides you with the necessary data to predict fuel prices, compare carrier rates and make the best and most cost-effective decision for shipping your freight.


Carrier and route planning

Gain access to optimal carrier selection and the routing tool to make freight planning a breeze. You can build an executable freight routing guide by utilizing detailed routing maps and lane analysis to make decisions that streamline your transportation schedules and lane operations. MyGameChanger® gives you the complete ability to download detailed shipping reports and identify strong and weak lane performance.

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LTL freight management

Eliminate the frustrations of planning truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments by viewing all of your carriers, costs and other crucial shipping data on a single dashboard. MyGameChanger® will transform your TMS into a freight planning machine. With features like the ability to separate inbound and outbound shipments on reports, increased KPI visibility and consolidated invoicing reporting, you can readily forecast and plan upcoming transportation schedules.


Cloud capability

Take your transportation management software with you and make game-changing decisions wherever you go. You can access MyGameChanger® anytime, anywhere. It’s easy, secure and ready for action 24/7/365.

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Put MyGameChanger® to work

After a simple one week onboarding process, your team can access their logistics dashboard from anywhere in the world. Nothing beats this powerful combination of freight auditing software, logistics KPI analysis and complete data visibility. Get started right away with a 60-day free trial.

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