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Navigating the new MyGameChanger website layout


Things certainly have changed around here. If you have been on the website over the past few weeks, you likely have noticed that a few things are out of place. That’s because we have added a whole lot more information on the MyGameChanger® platform to help you learn just what it can do for your business.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our user experience better. It’s the reason why we created MyGameChanger® in the first place. We didn’t think that the modern freight management systems (FMS) had the features that shippers need. We know this as a 3rd party logistics company who does a whole lot of shipping ourselves. Even with the all the information that is gathered by FMS, there is a lot of confusion on how users can best access and use it. Let’s face it, FMS are generally powerful pieces of software, but they aren’t exactly easy to use.

MyGameChanger® takes that information and compiles it into a single dashboard that is easy to access and use anywhere. It’s user friendly, and we thought this concept should apply as much to our website as it does to our product. That’s why we set out to redesign some of the interior pages of our website to provide you with as much information about MyGameChanger® as possible (without giving away all our secrets!).

What’s new on the website?

While navigating the website, you will be able to:

  • View the advanced features: head on over to the MyGameChanger® Overview page to see a breakdown of everything the system can do for your business. From advanced business intelligence to freight auditing, carrier and route planning and LTL freight management, you can see an overview of all its features complete with screenshots of the dashboard.
  • Discover the cost savings: why invest in software if it doesn’t provide you with a substantial ROI? We’re glad you asked. Head on over to our TMS Comparison page to see how MyGameChanger® differs from your standard freight systems and how it can save you money over time.
  • Get your questions answered: You’ve got questions. We have the answers. Head on over to our FAQ page to see what’s commonly asked.
  • Request a demo or free trial: we wouldn’t let you buy our product without getting a “look underneath the hood.” If you want to see it in action, reach out to our team and we will set up a quick demo. Looking to tinker around with the system on your own? Request a free 60-day trial to get your hands on our awesome shipping software.

Still have questions?

We are ready to help! Contact our team to learn more about MyGameChanger® today.