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How is MyGameChanger® different from transportation management systems?


MyGameChanger® is a logistics software system that seamlessly works alongside your current transportation management system (TMS) to make shipment data accessible through its cloud-based dashboard. Even if you don’t currently use transportation software, you can still use MyGameChanger® to make your shipping data accessible from anywhere across the globe.

How does the MyGameChanger® system differ from traditional transportation management software?

Complete auditing & invoice handling by:

  • Consolidating carrier invoices.
  • Validating invoice charges vs. carrier contract rates.
  • Verifying weight, dimensions and other key fields of a shipment.
  • Checking for duplicate shipments and charges.
  • Eliminating the need for paper invoicing.

Complete shipment analysis through:

  • Validating times in transit.
  • Identifying strong and weak lane performance.
  • Identifying “No Proof of Shipment” and “No Proof of Delivery” issues.
  • Shipping KPIs visibility across entire organization.
  • View possible consolidation opportunities.

Increase transportation business intelligence with:

  • Geographical mapping of top lanes.
  • Detailed shipment reports.
  • Drilled down shipment details.
  • Lane analysis at postal code level.
  • Fuel pricing predictions (based on historical data).

The ROI of MyGameChanger

MyGameChanger is more than just a pretty face. When you integrate your existing systems with MGC and take full advantage of it's powerful, intuitive dashboards and reports you can expect to see huge efficiency gains and costs savings across your organization.

The table below illustrates some of the savings you can achieve with MyGameChanger:


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