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MyGameChanger benefit: LTL freight management

mgc cubeThere is no better way to take full control over your shipping operations than by implementing a less than truckload (LTL) freight management strategy. When businesses need to send out smaller shipments immediately, there is no sense in paying for a full trailer. While carriers are more than willing to haul half-empty trailers (for the price of a full trailer), this leaves shippers on the hook for paying for the empty space. With LTL freight management, shippers can coordinate with carriers to haul their smaller shipments at a reduced price.

Coordination breeds complexity

While LTL shipments save money, the complexity of setting them can become frustrating, and coordinating them takes some time and effort on part of shipping teams. Thankfully, the right transportation software can drastically reduce the work that goes into LTL shipping and eliminate the frustrations that go along with it.

Using the right software

Even if you have a TMS that can handle the coordination of these shipments, there is still more to LTL shipping than the initial coordination of carriers with shipments. There is also a substantial amount of data analysis that can help further drive down costs and eliminate inefficiencies in your operations.

Our team at King Solutions recognized this problem and was one of leading factors we took into consideration when creating the MyGameChanger® platform. Using MyGameChanger® in tandem with your TMS, your shipping team can get a snapshot of the carriers you use, your costs and other crucial shipping data displayed on a single, easy-to-use dashboard. By making this data more viewable across your entire organization, you can dive into scores of data that include:

  • Carriers rates
  • Lane performance
  • Freight audit results
  • Carrier routes

Have your data and use it, too

There is more to MyGameChanger® than data collection and consolidation. The many features is has allows you to find new and meaningful ways to use shipping data, allowing your team to unveil new opportunities, cost savings and other benefits. Need to separate inbound and outbound shipments on reports? Our dashboard allows you to organize your data as you see fit. You can also consolidate invoices, readily forecast and plan upcoming transportation schedules and increase KPI visibility across your entire business. The features are numerous, and the possibilities are only limited to what you can do with your data.

See it in action

There is no better way to experience the data collection, organization and sharing capabilities than to see our cloud-based platform in action. Just reach out to our team today and we will schedule you for a quick demo of our program. You will be able to see it in action and ask any questions you may have. Schedule your free demo today.