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MyGameChanger benefit: Cloud capability

mgc cubeThere are a few key facets to any reliable, efficient and cost-conscious shipping operation:

When these goals are met, there are few things that can stop a shipper from cutting costs and better serving their customers. The only thing left to do is become more efficient at these four key shipping factors. But how can a shipping team become more efficient with LTL shipments, carrier selection, freight auditing and data analysis all at the same time?

Take advantage of software with Cloud capabilities

While modern logistics software offer precise planning and analytical capabilities, nothing has the potential to create more efficiency within an organization than having that data within the Cloud. The ability to gain access to a freight management system anytime, anywhere has several major benefits:

On-the-go decision making

Shipping is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year operation. Freight never stops moving, and neither should your freight management system. When shipping teams are tethered to a particular location, they are limited in the decisions they can make on the fly. With cloud capabilities built right into your system, you and your team can react quickly to any issue that arises. Need to reroute a shipment, find a new carrier, audit a freight invoice or perform any other necessary function while you are out of the office? Move your logistics software to the Cloud and you will be able to work no matter where you are.

Data sharing and analysis

In order to get the most out of your shipping data, it should be accessible to every member of your team who needs it. This level of data sharing and analysis is only possible through data that is stored on Cloud servers, rather than locally. When employees don’t have to find a terminal and can access reports, analytics and other important information from mobile devices, they will be able utilize shipping data to make their day-to-day routines more effective and efficient.

Make the move into the Cloud

Moving your data into the Cloud is easy. All you need is a freight management system and method of storing your data in a secure space that is still easily accessible to the right people in your organization. All of this and much more is possible with MyGameChanger®. Our Cloud-based software compiles your shipping data and makes it easy for your shipping and leadership teams to access is when they want from any mobile device. Ready to see how it works? Schedule a free demo today.