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MyGameChanger benefit: business intelligence and KPI visibility

mgc logoThe MyGameChanger® platform helps shippers through its diverse range of capabilities that include:

  • Easy auditing of freight bills
  • Central rate management
  • Carrier and route planning
  • Ltl freight management

Each of these services provides its own immediate benefit to shipping operations, but its capabilities don’t stop there. By using each one of these features, shippers will also gain access to a wealth of shipping data that can be used to create business intelligence and key performance indicator (KPI) visibility.

Following KPIs and creating actionable intelligence

No matter which logistics KPIs your organization finds valuable, you will be able to track and enhance them using the shipping data you collect. From shipment reports and details to lane analysis at postal code level, every bit of information you collect with MyGameChanger® can help you reduce costs and better serve your customers. You just have to know how to transform it into actionable business intelligence.

Data analysis is integral to the optimization of any shipping operation. No matter how small or large a business is, leadership teams and data analysts can still work together to balance performance, speed and shipping costs. By using the right logistics planning tool, you will be able to create actionable intelligence by:

  • Studying lane performance and identifying fast, high performance routes for carrier to take.
  • Predict fuel prices based on past numbers.
  • Identify peak times of the year based on consumer shopping trends.
  • Store and track carriers based on performance and pricing
  • Identify areas of consolidation to make LTL shipping more efficient and budget friendly.

Data for the entire organization

One of the biggest challenges for many organizations is visibility. The data is there, but the teams who use it do not have access to it. That’s why we created a system that is hosted and operates within the cloud. The right shipping tool should have an easy-to-access dashboard. It should make getting your data and intelligence simple and quick. With MyGameChanger®, you get dashboarding and KPI visibility across your entire organization.

Which KPIs are important to your business?

Looking to track a specific KPI? Need to optimize your shipping operations in very specific way? We can help. To learn more about the capabilities of MyGameChanger®, or to see firsthand how it work, contact our team today.