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MyGameChanger Benefit: advanced business intelligence

mgc cubeAs we look to close out the year, we are giving our reader one more look at the key features and benefits of MyGameChanger®. This series of posts has focused on many of the capabilities of our software, including:

Since we introduced our new website layout, these features have been outlined on our Systems Overview page, which is complete with screenshots of our proprietary software. But the only way to truly see everything the system has to offer is to request a free demo. One of our shipping experts will walk you through the system and demonstrate its shipping and analytical capabilities.

Today, we are focusing on the final, but certainly not the least import benefit of MyGameChanger®: its advanced business intelligence capabilities.

New Opportunities Through Shipping Data

No matter what types of products your business ships, your logistics KPIs are the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. By tracking data points from shipment reports, analysis of lane performance and other KPIs, shipping teams can optimize the performance and speed of their shipping operations, all while finding new ways to reduce costs.

Using MyGameChanger®, businesses can:

  • Gather, consolidate and organize shipping data onto a single dashboard
  • Open up visibility to this data to employees across the entire organization
  • Pinpoint and eliminate redundant or inefficient processes
  • Identify strong performance lanes, carriers and peak shipping times based on prior performance
  • Predict fuel prices based on previous trends
  • Share all information using the Cloud

Go Beyond Moving Freight From Point A to B

While the initial focus of logistics is simply moving freight from one location to another, there are many roads that lead to every location (we mean this both literally and metaphorically). A large part of freight planning deals with route optimization, but your overall logistics strategy should encompass a lot more intelligence than that.

We have seen customers use MyGameChanger® to fundamentally transform their shipping strategy. Using its custom reporting to create advanced business intelligence is easy when all the shipping data you need is right at your fingertips.

The key to optimizing your business and creating a shipping strategy that is faster and more cost efficient is the right logistics software. Contact us today to discover how MyGameChanger® can fit into your business operations.