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Are you getting accurate results from your freight audits?

freight auditingWhat good are freight audits if you aren’t getting the best results for your organization? Throughout any given year, shippers lose money and operate less efficiently because they are unable to identify errors in their numerous freight invoices. While these errors are generally easy to glance over, they are also easy to spot when using the right software as a guide.

Before you audit another invoice, follow these freight auditing tips to help you get the best results, save more money and operate more efficiently.

Know what to look for

Freight bill errors come in many forms. They can be something as small as a miscalculated fuel charges to something as large as a duplicate invoice. Even if the error is small and doesn’t cost much, it is still worth it to seek it out and rectify it. Even low cost freight invoice errors can be costly if they are replicated across hundreds and thousands of shipments that go out each year.

When editing your freight invoices, look for common errors. You can see a more comprehensive list and learn more about them in our common freight invoicing errors blog post.

Work to avoid errors in the future

The best way to get the results you want from freight invoices audits is to decrease the chances of errors taking place. By using intelligence from your past audits, you can identify common errors and work to prevent them through more efficient and accurate operations. If you see that freight is being misclassified, work with your team to understand the product weight, volume or other dimensions that are dictated by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). If you notice a lot of accessorial or freight charges that are mistakes, work to better communications with your carriers to avoid them in the future.

Use the information to your advantage

Freight auditing can also help shipping teams become more efficient. By analyzing the data that you collect from freight invoices, you can work to create new strategies and processes that fulfill your KPIs.

The data you collect during the freight bill auditing process, you can create strategies that leverage:

  • Customers purchasing trends and locations.
  • Average fulfillment time, and how it can be improved upon.
  • The average costs of of sending a shipment, and how they can be reduced.

There is no limit to what you can learn and create from your shipping data.

Find the right software to help you

When it comes to freight auditing, you don’t have to invest in an expansive team of professionals to get good results, you just have to use transportation software with the right auditing capabilities. MyGameChanger® is a software platform that was designed with this very purpose in mind. Among its many capabilities is extensive freight auditing and data analysis. You can see firsthand how it works by requesting a demo from today.