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With MyGameChanger®, powered by King Solutions, Inc., we’ve made it our business to help shipping companies succeed.

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That’s great! You can get started with MyGameChanger® quickly. All you have to do is request a demo with our team, so we can drill down to the specifics that your team is looking for from a transportation management system.

Then, the onboarding process can be completed within one week and your team can begin utilizing the MyGameChanger® platform to change the way you approach shipping.

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It’s okay if you’re not ready to get started with our game changing system. We’re so confident in our platform that we could probably talk your ear off about MyGameChanger® all day long. We can provide you with more information about how it will change your shipping game than you’d ever need to know.

But before we do, we want to hear your questions first, so we’ll know exactly what’s important to you and your team. You can use the form on the right to ask us a few initial question, or even to just say hello to our team.

We promise we’ll respond promptly and we look forward to speaking with you!