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Logistics industry technology: what’s new, old and still far off?

From the invention of trailers and pallets all the way to modern transportation software, technology has repeatedly reinvented the logistics industry. Technology is the key to moving freight with speed, efficiency and safety, and there is not a single organization in the logistics industry that isn’t searching endlessly for new […]

Navigating the new MyGameChanger website layout

Things certainly have changed around here. If you have been on the website over the past few weeks, you likely have noticed that a few things are out of place. That’s because we have added a whole lot more information on the MyGameChanger® platform to help you learn just what […]

MyGameChanger benefit: LTL freight management

There is no better way to take full control over your shipping operations than by implementing a less than truckload (LTL) freight management strategy. When businesses need to send out smaller shipments immediately, there is no sense in paying for a full trailer. While carriers are more than willing to […]

Are you getting accurate results from your freight audits?

What good are freight audits if you aren’t getting the best results for your organization? Throughout any given year, shippers lose money and operate less efficiently because they are unable to identify errors in their numerous freight invoices. While these errors are generally easy to glance over, they are also […]

MyGameChanger benefit: business intelligence and KPI visibility

The MyGameChanger® platform helps shippers through its diverse range of capabilities that include: Easy auditing of freight bills Central rate management Carrier and route planning Ltl freight management Each of these services provides its own immediate benefit to shipping operations, but its capabilities don’t stop there. By using each one […]

MyGameChanger benefit: auditing capabilities

Freight auditing is a helpful way for shippers to cut costs, eliminate errors and compile data that helps them pinpoint inefficiencies in their shipping process. Because of its importance to shipping operations and strategy we have made freight invoice storage and auditing one of the major features of the MyGameChanger® […]

Save money and LTL space with better freight packing

While the right logistics software can help you drive down costs, there is something even basic that can save you money, time and space on your LTL shipments: proper packing and pallet stacking procedures.     Careful packing saves money by reducing claims Freight claims, particularly those dealing with damages, […]

How to optimize your LTL freight rates

There are two main benefits to LTL shipping. The first is that it makes it easy for shippers to coordinate carriers traveling on routes that can take smaller freight shipments. This means that shippers won’t have to fill complete trailers and send them to multiple locations. The second is that […]

MyGameChanger benefit: carrier selection and management

One of the most important aspects of freight planning is carrier selection and management. From the rates you pay to the carriers you choose, each decision you make has a substantial impact on the costs and quality of service your customers receive. In order to ensure that freight makes its […]

Is it better to use a TMS or a 3PL?

Logistics management is a key factor in the success of many businesses. But logistics is a complex process that involves making connections between multiple industry players (manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, carriers, etc.) It also requires coordination of shipping lanes, freight movement and much more, which is why companies that frequently move […]