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About MyGameChanger?

MyGameChanger® (previously known as KBI) was introduced as an essential add-on to freight management systems (FMS) many years ago. Designed and powered by King Solutions, Inc., MyGameChanger® is the ideal solution to a common problem shippers have with their freight management software: there’s no single analytic tool that consolidates the data they collect across multiple carriers, freight invoices, shipping lanes and other key performance indicators.


A true game-changer for shippers

Freight management software solutions are powerful, but overly complex, and many shippers are forced to hire outside consultants to enhance their data collection and strategic capabilities. By using MyGameChanger®, entire organizations can access their shipping data from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It’s an effective solution that leads to more intuitive strategy, increased performance and greater visibility. And it’s easy to use!

How it works

About King Solutions, Inc.

King Solutions, Inc. is an asset-based 3PL provider of fulfillment, warehousing and global shipping solutions. The King team connects over 400 clients with almost 600 carriers to deliver nearly a half-million shipments to U.S and international locations.

Over the last 25+ years, King Solutions has grown to employ more than 100 people and has been named a Top Workplace by the Minneapolis Star Tribune along with winning numerous awards including the Minnesota Business Ethics Awards.

As complete solutions providers who have worked with many client-purchased FMS, the King team saw an opportunity to give shippers more autonomy over their shipping decisions. MyGameChanger® was developed by shipping experts for businesses who need easily accessible data to drive their shipping strategy and initiatives. It’s our ideal solution, it’s your ideal system. See it in action by requesting a demo today.

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