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Tips for increasing your order fulfillment speed

Increasing fulfillment speed is one of the most valuable things a company can do for multiple reasons: It increases customer satisfaction It encourages return business It promotes efficiency in the supply chain – via eliminating redundancies and waste – often reducing costs. Using technology to increase order fulfillment speed Customers […]

How to create efficient trucking routes

When it comes to logistics strategy, route-planning is one of the most integral tasks leadership teams can undertake. Creating the most efficient trucking routes saves time and fuel, and can significantly decrease costs for shippers. The best routes account for construction, driver safety and many other factors to ensure that […]

Choosing the right freight management system

Are you using the right freight management system (FMS), or are you using one at all? If you’re not using one of these systems, you may be doing a lot of extra work and spending a lot of extra time on tasks that could be done much more easily by […]

Freight auditing is not just about cost: it’s about data

There’s no doubt about it: freight auditing can and has helped companies save on shipping costs. But that is not all the benefits that the process brings about, as there is also a remarkable amount of data that can be extracted from freight bills. When implemented properly, this data can […]