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Enhancing your supply chain with real-time information

Since there are so many vital components to the modern supply chain, from shippers to carriers, customers and everything in between, leadership teams rely on information and data more than ever to improve their performance and partnerships. Healthy supply chains thrive on data, and implementing new and innovative ways to […]

How to improve the way you use your FMS

Freight management systems (FMS) are complex pieces of technology, but despite their features, many systems don’t have the capabilities that leadership teams need to truly improve their performance. With better data collection comes increased performance, and while FMS can capture logistics data, it isn’t always easily accessible. This leaves leadership […]

How to measure supply chain performance

The functionality, efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain are not things that can be simply analyzed by observing basic metrics. Instead, leadership teams need a clear list of shipping KPIs, along with the proper set of tools in order to adequately measure the performance of their supply chain. Defining […]

Why you should move your freight technology to the cloud

In this digital age, it seems impossible to avoid modern terminology like big data, advanced system architecture and user experience. But when it comes to a logistics planning tool, tech magazines and IT departments agree that cloud-based systems are the future for companies. When we set out to create the […]