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Statistics every warehouse manager should know

A lot goes into running a warehouse, so much that leadership is often left up to teams, rather than a single person. On top of managing daily operations, warehouse managers must also rely upon their KPIs to improve upon their current operations. How can this be accomplished? It all comes […]

Meet the team: Tom Sellin

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve been introducing key team members who have helped make MyGameChanger® the system that it is today. Today we’re featuring Tom Sellin, who has been with King Solutions for over 12 years and was a King Solutions customer prior to that. With […]

The current state of the truck driver shortage

The truck driver shortage has been a point of concern for logistics professionals for years. Every time a truck driver leaves the industry, freight transportation costs rise for retailers and other shippers. Combine this with the costs associated with federal regulations and truck maintenance and companies are starting to see […]

TMS trends: what’s been implemented and what’s on the horizon for 2016?

Without a crystal clear picture of shipping operations, companies lack the clarity and efficiency needed to make decisions that could immediately impact their bottom line. Transportation management systems (TMS) assist in solving this problem and are therefore a critical component to the supply chain. As TMS technology continues to change […]

Best practices in logistics customer service

Customer service is one of the most important logistics KPIs for companies to benchmark and track. Supply chain management teams often focus on mastering best practices for freight auditing, quality, warehouse management and more, sometimes not realizing how many processes are impacting the most important part of the supply chain: […]