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Meet the team: Ryan Neuharth

Our team is filled with brilliant minds, one of which is Ryan Neuharth, the lead developer of the MyGameChanger® application. He is the brains behind the functionality of our system. That’s why we decided to pick his brain and allow our readers to learn more about him, both personally and […]

10 things MyGameChanger® can do for you in the first month

First impressions are vital, and the first month using a new program usually determines whether or not it will work well within an organization and team. We are so confident that leadership teams will love MyGameChanger® so much that we offer a free demo to anyone who wants to give […]

Protecting your supply chain against rising fuel prices

Consumers tend to watch fuel prices like hawks, lamenting when they rise and cheering when they fall, but no one keeps an eye on the price of oil more than shippers and other logistics professionals. Fuel costs affect the supply chain in many ways, often driving up transportation costs and […]

What to know before conducting a freight bid

It’s possible this switch is completely out of the blue, but chances are the need to shift to a new transportation solution has been a long time coming. This can be a lengthy process with a lot of moving parts, but the bid event process can actually be incredibly valuable […]