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The most critical aspects of freight planning

As shippers, we know there’s a lot more that goes into executing smooth, efficient and even profitable freight plans than choosing routes and carriers. While important, the routes and carriers used to move freight aren’t the most critical aspects in the process. These are actually the behind-the-scenes aspects that require […]

How to implement your new freight management system

Now that your sourcing team has chosen a new freight management system (FMS) for use with your shipping business, your next step will be to determine how to implement the system. Since our team at MyGameChanger® knows a thing or two about software implementation, we thought we’d put together some […]

Myths about freight management software

Every industry is awash with myths and the logistics industry is no exception. Where there is a logistics solution, and a powerful one at that, people may have their reservations about implementing it into their daily operations. In time, these reservations can turn into fears, whether justified or not. Sometimes, […]

Using freight invoices as business intelligence

Freight auditing helps decrease shipping expenditures by catching costly errors in freight invoices. But these invoices also provide a healthy dose of business intelligence, which can lead to smarter spending. This is the one-two punch that freight bill auditing gives to bloated logistics budgets. It allows shipping managers to control […]