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Enhancing the supply chain with market research

When leveraged correctly, market research can be one of the most valuable assets in a supply chain leader’s toolbox. From shippers to carriers and 3PLs, every entity within the supply chain can benefit from tracking certain shipping KPIs and discovering how to use them to increase their performance across many […]

Reigning in loss and damage claims

Loss, theft and damage claims are a consistent challenge that shippers have to face. And as a problem that costs shippers over 50 billion dollars a year globally, it’s something that shippers consider to be a significant hurdle to overcome. Besides the cost of the lost products themselves, these claims […]

Are 3PLs better able to leverage FMS solutions than shippers?

The power of using freight management systems (FMS) is evident, and many shippers can benefit from their vast capabilities. From managing KPIs to freight auditing, business analysis and rate management, owing a FMS virtually pays for itself. Since their uses are multifaceted, FMSs do have a learning curve during implementation. […]

Why fuel costs should be tracked separately

Fuel costs have a significant effect on the logistics industry. Every entity and organization that works within the supply chain, from shippers to carriers and 3PLs, can feel the ripple effect that is driven by the rise and fall of fuel prices, even on a global scale. Fuel is one […]