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How retailers gain a competitive advantage through freight bill auditing

In an era where e-commerce is the driving force behind consumer sales, retailers are turning to age-old practices that are cutting their costs and giving them an edge on their competition. How is this being accomplished: the answer is freight auditing. According to market research, over 30 percent of invoices […]

How to catch shipping mistakes through auditing

Shipping mistakes happen all the time, that much is for sure, but whether or not you can catch them before they cost your company money is the big question. Although it seems like errors occur in only a small fraction of orders, when compared to the overall picture, they could […]

How to know if it’s time to upgrade your freight management system

One of the most important things to know about freight management systems is that they can become outdated as the technology and industry best practices improve over time. When this happens, it becomes necessary to update your freight management system or risk having it become obsolete. For such an integral […]

Comparing transportation management systems: how does MyGameChanger® stack up against the competition?

Transportation management systems are a dime a dozen, but not all of them were created equally. Some might help you get the job done, but not all of the will help you get the job done in the exact same ways. Since you have quite a few choices when it […]

The future of warehousing: Where will 2016 take us?

As the holiday season comes to a close and everyone around us is making resolutions for the New Year, our team at MyGameChanger® is looking to the future of warehousing to help make our own New Year’s resolutions. Why are we looking to the future of warehousing, you ask? Warehousing […]

The top logistics KPIs that drive performance

There’s no doubt about it: developing effective logistics KPIs can boost your company’s performance to a new level. Nowadays, businesses are seeking new ways to get in touch with the data that they produce and collect. This data, when used effectively, can provide critical information that informs strategic and operational […]