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How to control your accessorial costs

When it comes to freight planning, the accessorial costs you pay can add up quickly. In fact, they can sometimes represent up to 20 percent or more of your total freight costs. It’s not likely that anyone would balk at the opportunity to shave almost a fifth of their total […]

Carrier mergers and acquisitions: what do they mean for your company?

When rumors of mergers or acquisitions start circling a company, people get nervous. Though businesses generally mean well when they join with another business, the results have often been disastrous. Cultures clash, work models don’t combine, roles change. In the case of an acquisition, the company acquired can lose its […]

Best practices for freight auditing

A recent study found that only 48 percent of companies review every invoice that they receive, leaving more than half of U.S. companies at risk of losing money due to billing errors. This is a staggering number that leaves a lot to be said about the logistics industry. Freight auditing […]